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11 Best Mobile App Development Trends

11 Best Mobile App Development Trends Expected In 2024

Are you looking for the top trends in mobile app development? Continue reading this blog and we will help you explore the future of mobile app development with the “11 Best App Development Trends Expected in 2024”. Discover the exciting advancements, from augmented reality and 5G integration to AI-driven applications. This blog will take you through the new trends and the impact of the trends in the coming year. 

Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have helped to give a more user-centric approach to mobile apps. The working of mobile apps has changed with an in-depth analysis of user behaviour analysis. AI and ML help businesses give hyper-personalised experiences to the user based on their preferences and demographics. With the innovation of this trend, we can predict the buying behaviour of the customer which is a key to success.  For example, the incorporation of OpenAI in the apps has helped the developers to track user behaviour, which will help to make user-centric innovations in the apps.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Talking about the latest trends in mobile app development, how can we forget about the AP and VR? With the help of this augmented reality, you can create a virtual reality for yourself. Recently the most used augmented reality is in Zoom apps which consist of virtual backgrounds and filters. VR headsets have helped to improve the experience of the users while playing games, video calling, and shopping. One of the most prominent examples of VR and AR is Metaverse which makes the virtual world of its own. 

Internet of Things

Earlier, there was very low integration of IOT in mobile apps. According to the analysis, it has been that the number of devices networked with each other will continue to rise. In 2024, the 5G network was adopted by mobile app developers, due to this it has become the main hub for managing smart devices and accessing AR/VR. Moreover, the Internet of Things has been adopted by various sectors including healthcare and agriculture to manufacturing and transportation. Thus, for human interaction with smart systems, mobile applications serve as the central interface. For example, you can check what’s kept in your smart refrigerator by sitting anywhere. IoT-enabled applications have also revolutionised the way businesses operate. Even though a mobile app is only one part of the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, when combined with new technologies, it can revolutionise both personal and professional lives by increasing efficiency and streamlining procedures. 

5G Technology

5G technology is one of the new trends in mobile development services which can be treated as a game-changer in the world. The need for the fifth-generation network is increasing at a high pace due to an increase in connectivity needs across the globe. The execution of trending mobile app development technologies like AR, AI/ML, and IoT it’s all possible due to the enhancement of wireless connectivity.

Cloud-Based Mobile App Development

With the growing technologies in 2024 like the use of AR/VR, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and the IoT the demand for substantial storage within a mobile device’s internal memory. To solve the problem of storage users prefer not to deal with gigabyte-sized apps. Cloud computing is the most user-friendly solution to the problem of storage. Remote servers offer the required storage space, allowing the app to function seamlessly. With the help of cloud computing users can download apps without affecting the device’s internal memory. There are various advantages of the cloud including streamlined operations, increased computing power, and secured operation across multiple devices. 

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

The mobile apps market is collectively dominated by Android and iOS, accounting for over 99%. Most business owners feel that creating a cross-platform mobile application is more cost-effective that seamlessly caters to all required platforms. 

Cross-Platform Mobile Development will always remain a persistent trend over the years. Using this approach, companies can reach a larger market, create products faster, and save money on launch expenses.

Experience on the ground shows that if an application is developed exclusively for iOS, it will lose out on a significant 77% of potential users, compared to about 23% for Android applications.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralised transparent database, that allows users to store their data without being dependent on centralised servers. This new trend in mobile app development has allowed the user to provide access to the apps of their information according to their feasibility. Moreover, they also have the power to decide who gets the access. 

It’s simple to integrate Blockchain functionality into mobile apps thanks to several Blockchain-powered app development tools, which makes it simpler for marketers and app developers to use these cutting-edge technologies in their campaigns.

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

The latest trend in mobile app development is voice user interfaces with chatbots and it is assumed that it’s going to be more trending in the next 5 years. Users are using voice assistance smart technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With the help of artificial intelligence chatbots are also developed which are finally incorporated into mobile applications. The voice user interface can satisfy the customer and make the mobile development process more simple. There are various methods through which voice user interface can help mobile apps. It has become easier for people to do multiple tasks at a time, and speech-up tools will also allow disabled people to interact with their phones. 

On-Demand Apps

There are many new trends in mobile app development and among those trends, one of the trends is on-demand apps, which offer businesses of all sizes diverse opportunities. On-demand apps allow businesses to work with less overhead, as they are not reliant on a fixed schedule. Innovation in this technology has led to many new business opportunities, such as developing mobile apps for on-demand services. These on-demand services consist of various services like food delivery, transportation, and entertainment.  

Developers can create on-demand apps according to the requirements of the customers this will lead to the exploitation of on-demand capabilities. This way, the businesses can target the specialised functions and the app can be updated more frequently. 

Mobile Commerce

Nowadays, customers are more inclined toward online shopping and mobile payments, so developers keep developing intuitive e-commerce mobile apps to increase user traffic and gain a competitive edge. These are reasons for the expansion of mobile commerce technology and entailed putting the segment into mobile app development trends. 

There is an increase in the sales and purchases using smartphones and laptops. According to the analysis, it has been seen that in the year 2018 mobile accounted for around 56% of digital sales and it has been expected that it will increase by 64% in the year 2027. For instance, there are various examples to heed in 2024 retail apps, payments apps, and food pickup and delivery apps. 

Mobile-First Banking

With a growing advancement of technologies, banking-related requirements are also fulfilled sitting in just one place. So, nowadays banking services are provided with mobile applications. According to the forecast it has been assumed that in 2020 digital banking customers were calculated as 2.4 billion but it has significantly risen in the upcoming year 2024, which is 3.6 billion. Due to an increase in online banking customers, the fintech job opportunities for people have also risen to capitalise on the mobile banking sector. 

Services Provided by Banking permit third parties and fintech’s to provide fresh solutions. These days, these solutions are practical and safe. They facilitate payments, investments, and budgeting, and enable smaller non-banking organisations to offer cutting-edge mobile services that might not have been possible without them.

Impact of Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

Impact of Latest Mobile App Development Trends

In the year 2024, mobile app development trends have completely changed with the introduction of augmented reality, 5G integration, and AI-driven apps. It’s critical to prioritise improved user experiences, tailored content delivery, and effective app performance. Security and speed have been further enhanced by the convergence of technologies like edge computing and blockchain. Together, these trends drive innovation by providing developers with new opportunities for creative problem-solving and users with state-of-the-art functionalities.

Why Choose DQOT Solutions for Mobile App Development Services?

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Final Words

The trends that you come across in the blog are the upcoming advanced technologies in mobile app development in 2024. With these upcoming new technologies, this year is going to be an exciting year for those ready to embrace it. Association with the DQOT Solutions, a mobile app development company allows you to transform your insights into reality. Our experts have the potential to grasp all the new technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and Blockchain and utilise them to maximum efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the app development trends for 2024?

In 2024, vast technological changes in mobile app development have been seen. These new trends in technologies include AI, ML, VR, AR, Blockchain, Chatbots, Internet of Things and many more.

What are the key Software Development trends influencing businesses today?

Various software development trends are influencing businesses like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain technology, and Cloud Computing.

How can businesses leverage decentralised applications (DApps) for a competitive edge?

With the help of these decentralised applications, a business can stand out from the crowd as these applications allow new services and products that are not possible with centralised technologies.

How does AR/VR-based app development redefine user experiences and benefit businesses?

AR/VR-based app development can be very beneficial for businesses as it attracts more user traffic, nowadays users are looking for headsets that can make virtual life real for them.

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