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Solar Panel Monitoring

Solar Panel Monitoring App Development: Everything You Need To Know

In earlier times solar energy was only used in households. With the growing awareness about the use of renewable energy resources, solar power stands out as an eco-friendly and more sustainable use of resources to fulfil the growing demand of the modernised world. As more individuals and businesses turn to solar panel installation, this is where the use of solar panel monitoring apps comes into play. In this blog, we are going to learn about the key benefits of using solar panel monitoring apps and explore why it is essential to maximising the benefits of solar energy.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

·  Firstly, the panels are activated with the help of the sunlight.

·  Secondly, the sunlight reaches the cells and it generates the electrical current.

·  Thirdly, it gets converted into electrical energy.

·  Then the converted energy provides electricity powers in your offices, homes, etc.

·  Lastly, a net metre measures usage.

Overview of Solar Panel Monitoring App

Solar Panel Monitoring app is a software that helps people to keep proper track of the functioning of solar energy resources. As with the growing energy demand, the use of monitoring apps has also risen. This software helps you provide the necessary data, essential for maintenance, selling extra energy, and efficient energy consumption.

Understanding The Need for Solar Panel Monitoring Apps

Apps for monitoring solar panels are an essential tool for users to monitor the performance of their solar power systems. These applications offer perceptions into the generation of energy, patterns of consumption, and system health. Users can maximise the return on their solar investment, optimise energy usage, and quickly identify issues when they have real-time monitoring capabilities.

Key Stats About The Growing Trend of Solar Energy

·  According to the research, it has been expected that annual solar generation is expected to rise by around 593 TWh which comprises around 66% of the energy used by India within the 10 years.

·  The recent data shows that after the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana, there is an increase of 18% in renewable energy stocks.

·  By 2025, UAE has planned to increase the contribution of clean energy by 50%.

·  The demand for solar photovoltaics is expected to exceed 125.2 gigawatts by 2024.

·  The capacity of renewable energy resources around the world is estimated to be 3.146 GW and consumption is 39.91exajoules.

Key Benefits of Solar Panel Monitoring App

Increase in renewable energy resources leads to an expansion in the market of solar energy resources. Due to the energy of the resource for the maintenance of these panels, it is required to make a solar panel monitoring app. You can go through the benefits of using the monitoring app:

Monitor Electricity Production

Monitoring the electricity production of the solar panel is very crucial for maintaining the working of the panels. This will help you to keep track of panels to ensure the best health of the solar energy resources.

Easy Accessibility

These monitoring apps have made the maintenance of solar energy resources very mobile. You can track the smooth functioning of the panel by sitting anywhere in the world. This will help you to constantly monitor the overall performance of the solar panels.

Report Generation and Analytics

To increase the life of the solar panels installed by you it is very mandatory to check the report generation and the analytics. So, at this point, solar panel monitoring apps are very useful as they have report and data generation features that support power consumption strategy development


These monitoring apps have a special feature through which you get all the information regarding the performance of your solar panels via email and SMS. These alerts will help you to be more aware of device maintenance.

Features That Need to be Encountered to Make The Best Solar Panel Monitoring App

Now it’s time to take you through various features that need to be inculcated in the dynamic monitoring apps to make them more user-friendly. Dqot solution is a leading company in solar panel monitor custom mobile app development so, here the key features used by the company are given below:

Weather Forecasting

Solar devices only work when there is sunlight, then what if the weather is not good for over a week and the energy is not stored? To solve this problem monitoring apps have included the feature of weather forecasting in the monitoring apps, so people can use the energy stored by the panels.

Auto Connecting

Auto connecting needs to be used as it is more user-friendly, it is as simple as scanning the QR code and connecting to the WIFI. Moreover, manual connecting requires a user to enter the panel number and other necessary details to connect.

Sunlight Intensity

Electricity generation via solar panels is directly dependent on the sunlight. The stronger the sunlight, the more energy can be generated, so how can a user know how much electricity is being generated? Monitoring apps have a feature named sunlight intensity through which a user can predict the amount of electricity generated till now.

No Use of The Internet

If you don’t have an internet connection, solar panel monitoring apps have developed the best feature through which the user can get most of the insights of the solar devices by being offline.

Alarm in Case of Emergency

There is a high need for the security of the solar panels as these are being installed outside in the open area. So, there are various security measures needed. There might be a chance that anyone can steal or any bird can hamper the quality of the solar device. So, to solve these problems there is a modernised solution that monitoring apps have integrated security features.

Chat Support

Chat support should be built into the app to connect with the service providers if the users face any issues regarding the use of the application. It leads to an instant solution to the problems of the user, and to make your app differentiated in this market you can enable AI-based chatbots.

Track of Energy Production

What else do you add to your app to make it more interesting and user-friendly? You can inculcate the feature that calculates the energy production speed, intensity, and the time it will take to power up all the devices.

Multilingual Support

To target a large audience from all over the world, multilingual support is required to help the audience from various countries. So, a new feature can be built into the application which is multilingual to attract clients from developed, underdeveloped, and developing countries.

Energy Availability

Have you ever heard that the extra electricity generated through solar panels can generate revenue for you? If yes, you are correct that the extra energy generated can be purchased by the government but to track if the extra energy has been generated or not, this new feature can be included in the app which shows the amount of energy generated till now.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar Panel maintenance is the requirement to keep the solar panels healthy. Users can feel light when they know that the panels that are being set up outside their home can provide services to them for years. But to ensure their long life you can include a push notification in the app that reminds the users to get their panels repaired.

3 Reasons Behind The Growing Trend of Solar Panel Monitoring App

The field of solar energy has been growing at an immense level because of the fast adoption of applications used for monitoring. These applications are designed to ensure the overall performance of the solar panel installations. 

Monitoring and Maintenance

 As many applications have been developed and are growing, it has become easier to locate the geographical distribution of the installations of solar.  Via such applications, you can easily access the data related to their solar systems without the actual presence of the on-site. 

Data Analytics and Optimization of The Performance

 It is another rationale that there is a high demand for the applications.   The application of solar panel monitoring enables data analytics to deliver users with detailed information about the performance of the respective solar energy systems. Moreover, with the usage of such apps, one can easily track historical data, identify patterns, and make changes as per the data available.

Early Intervention

The applications of solar monitoring also help in the early detection and identification of any type of solar panel issues. The applications can analyse the KPIs and also provide suggestions as well.

Technology Stack for Solar Panel Monitoring App Development

There are various technologies that can be used to build monitoring app development. There should be a specified database, mobile app development etc.

Mobile App Development

Select a platform for your application, such as cross-platform, iOS, or Android. For effective development, make use of frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.

Backend Development

To manage user authentication, data processing, and storage, create a solid backend. Take into consideration utilising Django, Flask, or Node.js.


To store a lot of data, go with a scalable database solution (c). Popular options include MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.


Establish APIs to facilitate data flow between the application and the backend.

Cloud Services

Take advantage of cloud services to ensure dependability and scalability. Commonly used platforms for hosting and storage are AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Cost Involved in Building Solar Panel Monitoring App Development

If you are looking to develop a solar panel monitoring app, then you must have a question in mind how much it will cost to make an attractive monitoring app? Moreover, this is a great investment that businesses can invest in. There are various factors due to which the cost of building monitoring apps differs. A few factors that influence the cost have been given below:

·  Complexity of the App

·  Team Size

·  Focused Platform

·  Location of developers

·  Amount of functionalities and features

·  Pyramid of tech and more

Final Words

The ability for users to fully utilize solar energy is made possible in large part by solar panel monitoring apps. These apps support the effective and sustainable use of solar power by offering real-time insights, remote control capabilities, and historical data analysis. The creation of sophisticated and user-friendly monitoring apps will be crucial in encouraging the broad adoption of solar technology as the globe continues its transition to renewable energy sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I monitor my solar panel usage?

You can monitor your solar panel with the help of the solar panel monitoring app, which will assist you in keeping proper track of the solar appliances installed by you.

What is the application of the solar panel monitoring system?

The application of a monitoring system is software like social media which can help you keep track of the devices. It also provides the necessary data required by the data.

Is there an app to monitor my solar panels?

Yes, there are many apps through which you can monitor your solar panels like Maxeon Solar technologies, Canadian Solar Inc, and there are many more apps.

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