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How to Create App Like Jio Cinema Video and Movie Streaming and Top Alternate of Jio Cinema Application

In recent years, the market of video streaming applications has seen significant growth. You can even analyze the growth of the company by looking at the success of the JioCinema video application. This article will take you through the complete procedure of developing an application, and you even get to know about the interesting stats related to JioCinema which you might not have come across from anywhere else. Now you must be thinking how do apps like JioCinema make money or how do they manage the load of over 3 crore users on the application. Isn’t it interesting? Read below to know about all these interesting facts and the answers to these questions. 

Interesting Stats About Jio Cinema Application

Interesting Jio Cinema

At some point in your life, you must have come across a thought, about the number of active users Jio Cinema has, here we will provide you with all the important stats related to Jio Cinema. With the help of these stats you can imagine the popularity of sites similar to JioCinema. 

  • Jio Cinema has over 400 million active users. 
  • The number of video viewers on the videos is over 1300 crore. Simultaneously,  during the IPL 2024 finals, the number of viewers rose over 3.2 crore live viewers. 
  • The average watch time of the user is 2 hours per day.
  • The most watched content on the application is cricket matches, Bollywood movies, and shows. 
  • This application has most of the users form India, USA, Australia, and Canada. 
  • The revenue of the JioCinema Application for 2023 was estimated to be around INR 24,000 – INR 25,000 crore. The revenue of the application has come across a significant change in the past year; the revenue for 2022 was around INR 12,000 – INR 13,000 crore. Moreover, the revenue for the year 2024 is not yet displayed but it has been analyzed that it is going to be bigger than the year 2023. 

How to Create Video Streaming App Like Jio Cinema

Video Streaming App Jio Cinema

Creating a video streaming application like Jio Cinema is never a  difficult task if you hire the correct development team. As the development company like Dqot Solutions follows certain steps to build an interactive application to attract a large user base on the video streaming application. 

Decide on Basics to Have More Clarification

Before getting insights into the development of the application, you must know about the various types of the video streaming application. And have a clear thought in your mind about the type of video streaming application you want to develop. There are various types of movie streaming applications like live streaming apps, subscription based apps, subscription-based apps, free ad-supported apps, and social media apps. 

Find the Correct Video Streaming App development Company

Now, after deciding the types of video application you want to develop, hire a correct development team as per your requirement. While selecting a development team you must focus on their team’s experience, portfolio of the team, communication, collaboration, and the decision-making approach. 

Decide on App-flow and Tech-Stack

As now the correct development team has been identified, you can now choose the basic things required to develop an application. Make sure to work closely with the development to get your application prepared as per your business requirement without any hassle. Once you know your business goals you can choose the design of the application, as it plays an important role in the success of the business.

After selecting the correct design for your application, consider selecting a tech stack which is a combination of programming languages, framework, and tools that can be used to develop an application. If you are thinking of developing a cross-platform application, consider using React Native.

Development, Testing, and Deployment

Now, comes the most important phase of your app development. Here in this stage, you start the development process after completing a market research. This development part includes, designing a user-interface, developing the backend structure of the application, and integrating any third-party services. 

want to hire developer

Before launching an application make sure that an application is bug free and it must be stable, secured, and user-friendly. Make sure to go through both manual and automated testing before launching an application in the market.

Now, after the testing and the development procedure of the application, it’s time to launch an application in the app store and make it available to the users. 

Market Your Video Streaming Application

It is important to take your video streaming application to your target market, and for that we need to follow certain marketing tactics to make it available to the right users. Marketing strategies that need to be used are to identify the correct target market, make use of social media, email marketing, optimize app store listing, and you can even provide free-trials to the users. 

Top Alternatives to Jio Cinema 

Alternative Jio Cinema App

There are various best JioCinema alternatives. When it comes to video streaming applications Netflix is the first name that comes to your mind. But there are many other free movie apps that are famous and are considered as the best alternative to the JioCinema application.

Netflix: A Famous Video Streaming App in India

Netflix is one of the most popular online streaming platforms like JioCinema that allows you to watch a diverse range of movies, shows, dramas, documentaries, and original content. You can even take a one month, 6-months, and 12-months subscription of the application to enjoy add- free video streaming on various devices including Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, and computers. This application provides video streaming in various languages to cater to the needs of the large number of population across the world. 

Amazon Prime Video- A Top Online Video Streaming App in India

One of the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership is access to a premium video streaming service called Amazon Prime Video. It can also be considered as the JioCinema pro alternative. It offers an extensive library of movies, TV shows and original content, including the highly regarded Amazon Originals. Prime Video members can download content to watch offline, and the service is available across platforms and devices. It provides subtitles in many languages.

Disney+ Hotstar- A Popular Live Video Streaming App in India

Leading Indian streaming service Disney + Hotstar offers a wide range of content, including live sports, movies, TV shows, original content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and other properties. It has a collection of Indian media with their big mouth, with regular cricket matches, regional plus language shows and Bollywood movies . The website provides information in English and several Indian languages.

YouTube- A Top-Rated Video Streaming App for Android and iOS

YouTube is one of the most used platforms like JioCinema as it provides video streaming facilities free-of-cost. Users can upload, share, and watch a wide variety of content including tutorials, vlogs, short films, music videos, and many more. YouTube has a wide range of user-generated content that fulfills the needs of the users. It is a platform that offers something to everyone fulfilling the requirements of the diverse language and interest. Users can access YouTube on various devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and many more. 

Zee5- A Largest Video Streaming Application in India

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, one of the largest media companies in India, owns the popular streaming video channel Zee5. It offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows, web shows and original content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and other Indian languages. Zee5 offers catch-up content from Zee channel network in addition to the live TV network.

Hungama- Trending HD Quality Streaming App for Android & iOS

With a host of movies, TV shows, music and other media, Hungma is one of the top digital entertainment destinations in India. It is well known for its extensive collection of regional Bollywood language materials in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi and other languages. Additionally, Hungama allows users to download content to their iOS and Android devices for online viewing. It also offers streaming music.

Must-Have Features of Famous and On-Demand Video Streaming Apps for Android and iOS

Features of app jio cinema

There are a variety of features that can bring success to your media and entertainment application. If you have planned to develop a free movie apps must integrate the features given below:

Important Features for User Panel of the Video Streaming App

  • Personalized Video Recommendation based on your previous searches
  • You can add your favorite shows in the watchlist and favorites. 
  • It must have parental control, as children below 18 years must not have access to the A rated content.
  • It must shows your watchlist history
  • It must have a feature to download your preferred shows or movies for offline watching during your travel time. 
  • Safe and Secure Payment gateways.
  • Social Media Integration for quick login and easy sharing.
  • Reviews and ratings for giving feedback.
  • Multiplatform support for targeting iOS, Windows, and Android viewers

Must Have Admin Panel Features for Video Streaming Platform

  • Proper Content Management System to maintain your videos and shows efficiently.
  • Admin must have access to the user’s profile to edit, create, and manage user accounts.
  • There must be a proper feature to add more videos of movies, shows for user entertainment.
  • One-click video publication.
  • Edit features must also be here to edit videos, shows, albums, movies, music, or artists. 
  • Ad management for managing advertisements, promotions, and pop-ups. 
  • Content Promotion and Marketing
  • There must be a feature in the admin panel to access the accurate reports of the analytics of the user’s performance.

A Secret Tips That Will Help Your Video Streaming App Boom in the Market

There are certain tips that can help your video streaming application boom in the market. Make sure to incorporate all such features that no other application already provides. Try to bring something innovative to the market. Let’s take an example of JioCinema.

  • JioCinema has incorporated a new feature where they provide subtitles of the videos in English, Hindi, and other native languages to enhance the experience of the users. 
  • Another innovative feature of JioCinema is a Hype Feature that shows your support to your favorite IPL team and it also represents some interesting facts about the match to keep the users engaged. 
  • It also represents a complete stats where you can track each ball and run. 
  • With this application, you will get a chance to watch movies or live matches from different camera angles. This feature has been integrated to attract the user’s attention and provide something unique to them. 

Now, you must know how JioCinema differentiates from the other video streaming platforms. Think about providing something unique to the users, connect with your development team and discuss your ideas with them to make more clear views. 

You can Hire Android and iOS app developers from India or any other country as per your convenience. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Jio Cinema

Build Your App Like Jio Cinema

Developing an app like JioCinema will approximately cost you around $10,000 – $60,000 depending on the types of features you want to integrate and it also depends if you want a single platform app or a cross-platform application.

However, the accurate cost of app development depends on various factors like features ​​list, team size, app design, app platform, and the area of the development team. 

Work smartly, while choosing a development partner for your application. There are many best development companies around the USA and India with a proven record of unique and feature-rich video applications. 

Dqot Solutions, is one of the famous and the most trusted app development companies around UK, USA, India, Dubai, Kuwait, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries. We ensure to develop an unique feature-rich video streaming platform in a reduced app development time to deliver the best development solutions. 

Final Words

Now, looking at the growth of the JioCinema, you must be thinking about developing a clone app like JioCinema. You can connect with Dqot Solution a leading app development company that is an expert in developing a single platform and cross platform application on various tech stacks. Choosing to build a video streaming application can even help you to become a millionaire like Mukesh Ambani, owner of the JioCinema.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Video Streaming Application?

To create a video streaming application you must hire a dedicated development team to create a scalable and user-friendly application. There are certain steps that need to be followed by the development team and you to create a good performing application. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Video Streaming App?

The cost of developing a video streaming application depends on various factors like area of development team, expertise of development team, complexity of the features, and it also depends on the platform on which the application is being developed. The average cost of developing a video streaming application is around $10,000 to $50,000. 

How To Create A Platform Like Jio Cinema?

It is very simple to create a platform like Jio Cinema, you just have to hire a talented development team. They will perform all the development process from the initial stage to the launch of an application. 

Why Dqot Solutions For Sites Like Jio Cinema?

Dqot Solutions has an expertise in building websites like Jio Cinema. We ensure to use the most latest and the modern technologies in the development of the website. Moreover, we not only try to satisfy the expectation of the individuals, but try to deliver services even beyond the expectations. 

Anirudh Singh Rajpurohit

Anirudh Singh Rajpurohit is an expert in AI, Data Science, and Paid Marketing at Dqot Solutions. He uses his analytical skills to drive innovation and growth, constantly updating his knowledge to deliver effective marketing solutions.

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