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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Fanduel?

Fantasy Sports first started in Boston in the year 1960, so this concept was never new; it has been with us for years. But surely the technologies and the features of fantasy sports have become more advanced so,with this the cost of development also varies. This blog will take you through the cost of development of fantasy sports apps like FanDuel faceoff.

What is a FanDuel App?

FanDuel is a game application platform through which sports enthusiasts can play daily fantasy sports games. Moreover, it is one of the most popular online gaming platforms. It also provides an opportunity for the players to participate in various sports contests. Various professional leagues are covered by the platform like National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and many more.

Additionally, in the FanDuel app players also get an opportunity to create their fantasy sports teams by choosing real players, from various groups and they can also play against other users based on the statistical performance of the other users. Except for making virtual teams and competing with other users’ players can also place bets on various sports events. It also provides real-time odds through the unique feature of the apps like fanduel sportsbook and this user can bet on the live matches.

Overview of the growth of Fantasy Sports like FanDuel in the market?

Continue reading, I will take you through the growth of the market in this sector:

·  In the first quarter of 2022, the sports fantasy sports industry reached a market size of $231 billion.

·  It has been reported that there are over 25,000 active businesses like FanDuel and around 245,000 employees are running the fantasy sports industry.

·  By the end of 2028, the US revenue in sports betting apps like FanDuel is estimated to reach around $10 billion.

·  The total amount wagered was $4.6 billion as of March 2021, with sports mobile app wagers accounting for $3.1 billion of the market for online sports betting apps. Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an app like FanDuel.

·  During the period 2021 to 2026, the market size of the fantasy sports industry is forecasted to grow to $6.11 billion at a CAGR of 6.51%. You can look at the graph given below of the exciting number of the global fantasy sports market.

Note: Add graph of the Global Fantasy Sports Market.

Factors Affecting the Fantasy Sports App Development Cost

Feature of funduel app

Thinking about developing a fantasy sports mobile app like FanDuel, the first question that comes into consideration is the cost of developing a sports app. The budget of your project will only be determined when the cost of app development is determined through freelancers or the fantasy sports app development company.  

There are major 4 factors through which the cost of developing fantasy sports apps is influenced. Let’s look at every factor in detail:


Various thoughts might be coming to your mind like which platform should I use to create a mobile app? There are 2 platforms. On which the mobile apps can be developed Android and iOS. Platform plays a significant impact on the price of the app development. FanDuel is running its Fantasy sports app services on Amazon Web Servers for security reasons, and it is on both the platform Android and iOS.

Android app development is less expensive than that of iOS app development. Before connecting with the app development partner deciding to choose on which platform the app should be developed is critical. However, if you are seeking to cover a wide range of markets then you should develop your app with both platforms.

Tech Requirements

After selecting the platform of the mobile app another critical consideration is selecting the right tech stack. How many questions arise about which language should be used for app development, which database should be used to store data and you also must decide if you want to develop your software natively or cross-platform framework.

The answer to all these questions will help you know how much money you will have to spend on app development. To make an informed decision, talk to your development partner for specific details.

Features of Fantasy Sports Mobile App

The features of the app will be the ultimate feature through which the cost of development will be determined. The cost of app development varies based on the features of the app. If you choose features like multi-platform support, expert analysis, and multiple payment modes. Live match streaming, then the process will be more expensive. You will come across extensive features your sports betting app like FanDuel should include in our next section.

Hiring a Sports Development Partner

Finally, the cost of creating an app like FanDuel will be determined by the sports development company you have chosen. It is important to choose the best development partner to assist you in developing a fantasy sports app. DQOT Solutions is one of the best companies that promises to develop an app exactly like your requirements at affordable prices.

Features of FanDuel Clone App

Features of App like FanDuel are divided into two panels admin and user panel:

affecting factors of funduel app

1. User Panel

Fantasy Sports apps like FanDuel offer a variety of user panel features to enhance the overall user experience. Here are some standard features given below which you can find in such apps:

User Registration

Users can register on apps like FanDuel using basic information such as name, email address, and password. Some apps also offer social media login options for convenience.


Every Fantasy sports app must have a dashboard that shows the user’s fantasy teams, ongoing contests, and upcoming events. The dashboard gives relevant news and updates related to the sports league.

Fantasy team Management

Users can manage and create their fantasy teams within apps like FanDuel. They can choose a player for their team, make substitutions, and track player performance. Fantasy apps also provide information related to injury updates, player statistics, and other relevant data to help users make informed decisions.

Contest Selection

With apps like FanDuel, users can browse and join a variety of competitions or leagues. The entry cost, prize fund, game style, and length of each match may change. Users can review contest details, including entry restrictions, scoring guidelines, and payout schedules, before participating.

Live-Scoring and Updates

During actual sports events, you can get live scoring updates with the app Like FanDuel. Users can monitor player statistics, track user’s performance, and see how they rank compared to other participants in the contest.


Users get on-time notifications related to alerts about their fantasy teams, contest updates, injury news, and other relevant opportunities.

Social Features

FanDuel and other fantasy sports apps frequently incorporate social features to encourage users to interact with friends and other users. Features like leaderboards, chat rooms, private leagues, and the ability to share team line-ups or accomplishments on social media are possible inclusions.

Wallet and Transactions

One of the duties of the user panel is to manage their virtual and real money wallet with apps like FanDuel. Users can deposit funds, withdraw winnings, view the payment history, and collect payment methods securely.

Help and Support

The Help and Support section is provided in all the Fantasy Sports apps where users can find FAQs, contact customer support, report issues, and seek assistance regarding any aspect of the app.

Settings and Preferences

Users can customise the requirements of the app through settings and preferences, like the FanDuel Android app. It has options related to personalise notifications, changing the theme of the display, setting line-up reminders, and adjusting privacy settings.

2. Admin Panel

The Admin Panel of FanDuel includes a variety of features that allow administrators to manage and control various aspects of the platform. Below are various admin panel features:

User Management

In this feature, administrators have to manage the accounts of the users, including modifications in the user account details to create a user account and handling account-related issues such as account suspensions or password resets.

Contest management

In the contest management feature administrators must make daily, weekly or seasonally contests. They can choose the rules of the contest, prize structure, and entry fees and schedule contests accordingly.

Player and Team Data Management

One of the major roles of the administrators is to manage the data of the players and the team, including player statistics, injury updates, team rosters, and other relevant information. Admins can even access important data from other sources or update it manually.

Salary Cap Management

The major role of the salary cap is to assign values to the payers, allowing users to build their fantasy teams within a specific budget. Admins can update the salary cap values of the players and they can also set.

Scoring System Configuration

The primary role of the admin panel is to decide how to customise the points which are awarded to players based on their performance in real-world games. This feature allows flexibility to align with different sports leagues and scoring rules.

Financial Management

Tools of financial management are managed by the admin panel for processing payment, including payment gateway integration, user integration, user transactions, and winner-prize distribution. The admin panel of FanDuel also tracks the revenue and manages the app’s financial operations.

Analytics and Reports

This feature also helps the admins get insights and analytics of user activities, contests, revenue, and other vital metrics. Based on the data FanDuel can provide informed decisions and identify trends.

Support and Helpdesk

Administrators also must manage the inquiries of the users, and support requests with the help of an in-built support system within the admin panel. With the help of this feature, users can directly connect with the admin of the Fantasy Sports app.

Content Management

The content of the FanDuel sportsbook app Android can be managed and updated by the admin panel. Due to this feature, the content of the FanDuel betting app is always fresh and updated.

Compliance and Security

The admin panel must secure the user data and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The administrator of the app has access to manage the user privacy settings, perform security audits, and take necessary actions to use the user data.

How Much Cost is Required to Make a Fantasy App Like FanDuel?

The sports industry is changing at a higher pace. According to the analysis, millions of users are utilising the fantasy sports app. It can be challenging for the developers to create a fantasy sports mobile app like DraftKings and FanDuel which are changing the sports industry.

The basic requirement of this platform is that it should be easily accessible by the users and users must get an exciting opportunity. The backend servers of fantasy sports like FanDuel must be high-quality to ensure a large quantity of traffic.

Based on the factors discussed above the cost to develop an app like FanDuel will cost around $20,000 to $80,000.

The cost of Developing an App like FanDuel will depend on the requirements of the person. If you want to make a single platform app with simple features, it will cost around $10,000 but if you are willing to go with multiple platform apps and the use of extensive features it will cost around $50,000.

You are around the best time to get into the fantasy sports game by making your own app as this trend is widespread around the globe. If you are still thinking about how you can make money with the help of a fantasy Sports App then read further. We are here to help you solve this dilemma.

How Can You Get Rich with a Fantasy Sports App?

There are various ways for the owner of the Fantasy Sports App to get rich by developing fantasy sports like FanDuel. These apps have various channels through which revenue can be generated. Below are the primary revenue-generating means of the FanDuel Clone App:

Fees Charged on Entry

Entry fees are the primary feature of generating revenue. A fee is charged from the user who participates in their fantasy sports contest. The entry fees may vary from user to user as it depends on various factors like prize pool, competition level, and contest size.

Premium Features

Premium features are offered by most of the fantasy sports betting apps and FanDuel is among them. Premium of the FanDuel app provides more enhanced features, exclusive content, or insights to the users. Users can get access to these premium features by paying subscription fees, these fees can generate more revenue for the platform.

Participation Fee

Are you willing to participate in the betting of live matches? We provide you these features with the minimal cost you need to give based on the selection for the game, competition level, or the size of the contest. So, this is another way through which Fantasy Sports App can generate revenue.

Data and Analytics

With the help of the data collected by FanDuel based on user preferences, player performance, and user interaction. These raw data can turn into beneficial data through which these platforms can make more money. These data can help you generate insights and statistics useful for sports teams, media, or other businesses.  

In-App Ads

In-app ad deals are attracted by FanDuel to reach the app’s user base. FanDuel attracts partnerships with sports league companies, media teams, and other relevant businesses through which they can promote their product and services. There are various forms of advertisement like banner ads, sponsored content, and branded promotion. These all are the ways of the advertisements through which FanDuel can generate revenue.  

Partnering With Third-Party Portals

FanDuel can make partnerships with a sports league, teams, or media organisations. These partnerships can involve official logos, player image, and other intellectual property often at a cost.  

Final Words

Finally, we can say that the cost of developing an app like FanDuel depends on the variety of features like the selection of the platform, and database and various factors influence the prices of app development. However, investing in a complex development process is crucial to ensuring a competitive and engaging platform. In the widespread market of fantasy sports app development quality is the key to long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a gambling app like FanDuel?

To build a gambling like FanDuel one must make various decisions that can influence the cost of development and the most important factor is who needs to choose a development partner to make a clone app of FanDuel.

How much money do I need to start a betting company?

The cost of developing a betting company depends on a variety of features like platforms, databases, and technologies.

What does FanDuel do?

FanDuel is an online gaming mobile app gaming platform that allows users to make their virtual team and compete against other teams and you can even get to bet in live matches.

Is FanDuel free of cost?

You can get access to the basic features of FanDuel free of cost, but it also provides a premium feature.

How long does it take to get money from FanDuel?

FanDuel tries to give money as early as possible as short as it takes 1 hour to transfer your money and as long as it takes 5 working data, depending on the bank.

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