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How to Develop a Fitness App Like Peloton: Features, Benefits, and Development Process

Do you remember the time when everyone was stuck at home due to the Coronavirus lockdown? The pandemic highlighted the importance of staying healthy and fit. As people have become more health-conscious, many have started going to the gym or attending yoga sessions. However, due to busy schedules, most people are now relying on virtual fitness applications.

This shift has significantly increased the market demand for on-demand fitness applications. Now is the perfect time to build a profitable fitness app like Peloton. In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting features and benefits of developing a fitness application and guide you through the step-by-step process of bringing your idea to life.

What is a Peloton App?

Peloton app is one of the best wellness and fitness-oriented applications, known for its online classes and high quality equipment. This application provides instructor-led workout exercises like jogging, cycling, strength workouts, and many more to help people stay fit. With this innovative application, you can exercise from home using tablets, mobile devices, laptops, or Smart TVs.

However, fitness applications like Peloton provide access to many more features like Live performance tracking, extensive on-demand class library, and social engagement. It’s the best platform for people looking to stay healthy and achieve fitness goals online.

Key Features Required to Develop an App Like Peloton

feature fantasy app like peloton development

If you are planning to develop a fitness app like Peloton, make sure that you have all the features that make the process of the application easier for the users. Read below to know about all the important features required to develop a user-friendly application.

and Sign-up for User and Admin in Peloton

This is the most essential or basic feature for all types of application. An application must allow new users to register on the fitness platform by filling all the necessary details or users can even sign-up using social media platform accounts or gmail accounts. 

User Profile to Check Their Achievement Record

The user profile maintains a complete record of users’ fitness goals and weights. This is the best feature that provides a space for the people to check their achievements, set dietary preferences, and many more. You can even view your before and after pictures.

Schedule Your Workout With Workout Planner

The workout planner allows users to schedule their workouts on the calendar based on their preferences, and they can check out their progress. Based on your progress, you can set your target goals using the planner.

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Personalized Notification to the Users

This feature provides personalized notifications to users about their goal progress, new exercise content uploaded to the app, reward points, workout timing reminders, and pending workout hours for the week.

Maps and Routes

This is an essential feature if your app provides outdoor training to the people for cycling, jogging, or running. So, to fulfill these exercise goals users have automatically set benchmarks for themselves and check our statistics like pace and speed etc.

Meal Plans and Calorie Counter

Every fitness application must have a feature that helps users track their meal plans and count their calorie intake. To differentiate from other fitness apps you can provide an option to click a picture of your meal and upload it to know about the exact calorie intake. 

Benefits of Developing a Fitness App Like Peloton

benefits of fitness app like peloton development

Fitness applications like Peloton are useful for both users and admins, as they provide the best online fitness platform for users to stay healthy at home while admins achieve market success and profitability.

Market Growth and Demand

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an online platform to work out, so the demand for different types of fitness apps is growing day by day. With increasing workloads, people are becoming more attentive to their health and are seeking personalized fitness services.

Revenue Generation Through Fitness App

There are various ways in which revenue can be generated by the fitness application owners like in-app subscription, in-app purchases, access to the premium contents, in-app advertisements. Fitness app owners can also earn with the partnerships from fitness sports equipment selling brands. 

High User Engagement

Fitness and wellness applications like Peloton have multiple features to enhance user-experience like live classes or workout sessions, proper yoga training. Additionally, it provides users with opportunities to participate in fitness-related discussions, events, or challenges. This helps in increasing the engagement and retention rates.

Brand Building and Recognition

One of the simplest ways to establish your brand and become known in the health and fitness industry is to create a fitness app that is like Peloton or has more advanced features than this application. With the ability to select from a variety of routines, professional advice from trainers or fitness instructors, and access to top-notch fitness-related content, this kind of app may help build a solid brand reputation and increase brand awareness. 

Global Accessibility and Reach

With the help of an online fitness application you can reach out to a global audience, by breaking all the geographical barriers. Such virtual fitness applications can reach people of all ages and provide them with services related to yoga training, strength training, cardio, HIIT, and other types of exercises. This feature helps fitness applications to reach a broader market. 

Step-by-Step Process to Develop an Interactive App Like Peloton

step develop peloton app development

Developing an interactive fitness app like Peloton isn’t very hard, but you need to hire the best development company like DQOT Solutions to get a step-by-step guide of the development process. Read below to gain knowledge about the process of developing a fitness application.

Define Your Specified Niche

There are various types of fitness applications, but you need to decide on one specific niche before developing an application. Every application, whether it’s guided meditation, on-demand workouts, or online workout applications, has unique features that make the development process different for each fitness app.

Before selecting any type of application within your niche, you must research the problem you want to resolve and assess the profitability of the application.

Research Competitors and Target Audience

It is very important to conduct a thorough market research for any type of fitness app development company. To develop the best app you need to analyze the current market trends and research about your competitors. This will help you to know about the key players in the market you are thinking of expanding. Thorough research will also help you to gather the right data for your fitness app.

Find a Reliable App Developers

Once you have researched your target audience and key competitors in the market, you need to search for a perfect development company with appropriate experience in your desired type of application development. And if you are planning to develop a similar app like Peloton, you must hire an experienced Android App Developer. 

Create a Concept and Define Features

Now you must have hired the best app development company, it is an appropriate time to turn your idea into reality. Now your primary research must have been completed and you need to research and discuss the appropriate features to make a unique and user friendly fitness application. This is also considered as an important step of the app development process as here you decide on the feature you want to integrate in the application. 

develop your app like peloton

Design Compelling UI/UX and Development 

The design of the application must be user-intuitive. Make sure to hire the best designers to create an easily visible and approachable application to enhance and retain user traffic. Moreover, use the best technological stack for the development process of the application. 

Create and Test Your Application 

Once a fitness application like Peloton is completely developed and designed. Make sure an application goes through manual and automated testing to catch all the necessary bugs in the application. 

Top 5 Alternatives of a Fitness App Like Peloton

alternative fantasy app like peloton app

There are various alternatives of fitness applications like Peloton. The top 5 alternatives of the Peloton application is given below:

Fitness AppsAvailable PlatformsDownloadRatings
FitbitAndroid | IOS50M+3.9
MyFitnessPalAndroid | IOS100M+4.0
StravaAndroid | IOS50M+4.5
Google FitAndroid | IOS100M+4.0
FreeleticsAndroid | IOS10M+4.3


Fitbit is a leading fitness app in the market that offers fitness techniques and workouts assistance to the people seeking to stay healthy and fit. This application also allows users to monitor and improve their overall well-being. It provides an unique opportunity to connect your application with wearable devices such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and any other. You can hire Android App developers to design an app like Fitbit. These devices help fitness applications track sleep schedule, heart rate, oxygen level, and physical pattern of an individual. 


MyFitnessPal is one of the best fitness applications that provides multiple opportunities and methods to an individual to stay healthy. The interface of this application is very simple that allows users to keep a track of their daily exercise routines and food habits. It also helps you to monitor your calorie intake. 


If you are a runner or a competition lover, Strava is the best platform for you. Here you can compete with anyone to enhance your motivation and to build a competitive spirit. This fitness platform also allows individuals to compete in a  group of multiple members within a certain period. This method will be highly useful to keep users engaged and motivated to stay healthy.

Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the best health and fitness tracking applications with the maximum number of user base. It allows users to live healthier lives. Users can access this application on both the Android and iOS devices. It has innovative features that tracks steps, distance, physical activity, and calories burnt. 


Freeletics is a fitness trainer app that helps individuals to provide the best methods to achieve good results of a physical performance. If you are planning to build a fitness application, this is the best approach to work on. 

How to Monetize With the Help of a Fitness App Like Peloton?

monetize fitness app like peloton app

To grow or expand a business it is very important to earn a significant amount of profit. With the help of the profit you can earn your survival or you even try reinvesting it to grow your business. There are multiple ways through which a fitness app owner like Peloton can earn money.

Selling Multiple Add-on Products on the App

If you want to keep yourself fit, it is essential to take a proper diet with regular exercise. So, you can start selling vitamins and protein supplements to get an additional source of income. 

Advertisements of Brand Partner

Fitness applications play an important role in the lives of the people in the current market, as now everyone is looking for accurate information and guidance to stay healthy and fit. Moreover, these applications have also become a popular place for the marketing of fitness related products. Many companies will be able to advertise their product through the app to reach their target market.

Subscription Plan of the App

To attract a large user base, you can first provide some essential features of the application free of cost. Once a user gets habitual of using a fitness application or they get to see the benefits. They will start by buying a premium subscription of the application which provides complete personal assistance to the individuals from training to nutritionist guidance. 

Paid Features

There must be some essential features in your app that will be available free of cost to individuals, but there are also certain premium paid features in the application. Users can purchase these features based on their needs. This is the best method to earn money in the fitness business. 

Final Words

If you are planning to build a fitness app, this is the best time to invest in this business and tap into the ever-expanding health and wellness market. However, to develop an intuitive app, you need to be an expert in development, design, and content creation.

Even if you are not an expert but have an idea, you can turn it into reality by hiring the best development company with proven experience in developing apps similar to Peloton in this growing market. Their knowledge, years of experience, and expertise will help bring your fitness app idea to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Fitness App?

The cost of fitness app development depends on multiple factors such as the platform on which you are developing the application, the location of developers, and the features and functionalities of the application. To know about the accurate cost of fitness applications you can connect with the experts at Dqot Solutions.

What Are The Different Types Of Fitness Apps?

There are different types of fitness apps like Workout Apps, Nutrition Apps, Yoga and Meditation Apps, Personal Trainer Apps, and Wearable Device Apps. 

What Advanced Features Should Compulsorily Be Included In The Fitness App?

There are multiple features that can be included in developing a fitness application like Peloton. But some compulsory features are real-time tracking, personalized workout plan, in-app challenges and social integration. 

How Can I Make Money With A Fitness App?

There are multiple ways through which  fitness app owners can earn money like paid apps, advertisements, in-app purchases, and free apps. 

How Much Time Does It Take To Build A Similar App Like Peloton?

There is no fixed timeframe for fitness app development as it depends entirely on the platform, size, features, functionalities, and many other factors. The average time of app development is around a few months to years. It depends on the unique requirement of the application. 

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