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How to Create an App Like PrizePicks Daily Fantasy Sports Application (Cost and Features) 

Are you a sports investor looking to start a business app in the Fantasy Sports category, but worried about its success due to high competition from apps like Dream 11 (a league fantasy sports application)? Don’t worry—we have another solution for fantasy sports investors: creating an app like PrizePicks (a daily fantasy sports application).

Daily fantasy sports solutions are different from leagues based fantasy sports applications. It’s a subset of traditional fantasy sports where players compete with each other for a small time period. While playing your favorite daily sport, you can earn money by winning contests. This blog will take you through the benefits and the features of developing an app like PrizePicks, and the list of PrizePicks alternatives. 

What are PrizePicks?

What is Prizepicks App

PrizePicks is one of the best legal Daily Fantasy Sports App in the US. This famous DFS site offers two different contest opportunities for the people that are Flex Play and Power Play. Given below is how these DFS options work:

Flex Play- In the flex play options a user even gets a payout even though they miss one pick. There are three flex play options available in the PrizePicks that: for 2 players ( 0.5x payout for one correct pick; 2x for two), for 3 players (1.25x payout for two correct picks; 2.25x for three), and for 4-Player (1.5x for three correct picks; 5x for four).

Power Play- To win in the Fantasy sports game, you must succeed in every chance you play. On this platform, you have the potential to earn more money than with Flex Play. There are a variety of options available like 2-Player (2x payout), 3-Player (5x payout), and 4-Player (10x payout).

Daily Fantasy Sports PrizePicks is just like online sports betting sites. But PrizePicks does not offer traditional bets like money lines or spreads. 

PrizePicks is the best platform for individuals interested in legal sports betting but unable to access it, as it pays cash prizes for fantasy sports contests.

Features of Fantasy Sports App Like PrizePicks?

Feature of Fantasy Sports Develop App Like PrizePicks

There are features that need to be integrated if you want to build an app like PrizePicks. Read below to know about the list of features given below:

User Login/signup Option

On the homepage of the app or a site, users must get a user login or sign up option, and players must also get an overview of the app on the homepage of the application.

User Panel Must Has a Dashboard

A dashboard is an essential feature for the user panel; it must show proper statistics of current games, leaderboard rankings, favorite players and teams, etc.

Live Scoring and Updates

You can get regular updates related to the upcoming matches and the offers. Additionally, apps like PrizePicks must also show the live score of the matches. 

Separate Reward Pages

This app consists of a separate reward page where users can redeem points earned through playing the game into real world prizes.

Chat Room for Discussion

A chat room provides a separate space for members to discuss strategies and share tips among themselves.

hire a team fantasy sports app like prizepick

List of Apps Like PrizePicks?

App NameTypeProp Betting/Pick’em Games?Signup Bonus
Daily Fantasy SportsYes50% Deposit Match up to $250
Sleeper FantasyDaily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100
Chalkboard FantasyDaily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100
Boom FantasyDaily Fantasy SportsYesRisk Free Entry up to $100
DraftKings Pick6Daily Fantasy SportsYes100% Deposit Match up to $100

Underdog Fantasy

Underdog is a popular daily fantasy sports app that is the biggest competitor of the PrizePicks app. This platform provides various innovative features to users, including first-time deposit offers up to $250 in bonus cash, with an additional option to pick one special player. It also provides you an opportunity to play some additional games like Best Ball Mania. You can access this application on both Android and iOS devices. 

Sleeper Fantasy

Customizable fantasy sports platform Sleeper Fantasy offers players prop games, daily drafts, and regular leagues, all under the name “Sleeper Picks.” College sports and the major American sports teams are covered by these props. Each ticket gives users between two and eight choices, each with a different multiplier. Payouts can be up to 100 times the original cost.Because of its sports betting-like format, Sleeper is a very popular alternative to PrizePicks.

Chalkboard Fantasy

A competitive daily fantasy sports app, Chalkboard Fantasy “picks” tournaments similar to player prop betting combinations. Using two to eight player props, players determine whether players will cross or fall along certain stat lines. Each prop has unique payoff odds similar to parlays found in sportsbooks. In the DFS model, the final ticket payout is determined based on the odds for all the selected picks, creating a sports betting-like experience.

Boom Fantasy

Founded in 2015, Boom Fantasy offers fantasy prop tournaments for major college sports programs. For first-time investors, it offers $100 risk-free, returning $100 loss from the first round. Boom Fantasy PrizePicks has fun and diverse options for sports fans looking for protection from traditional sports betting options.

DraftKings Pick6

DraftKings Pick6 has peer-to-peer fantasy player props available. Players competing against non-domestic users may select two to six over/under players from the same game. The entry is divided into several tournaments, with prizes awarded based on how well a player performs compared to other players. This site mixes aspects of modern fantasy props with classic DFS to provide a legal alternative to sports betting in many countries.

Benefits of Daily Fantasy Sports App development like PrizePicks

Benefits of fantasy sports app like prizepicks

There are various benefits of DFS App development as these apps allow you to earn cash prizes for each winning contest. Read below to know about the overall benefits of PrizePicks.

Fun and Easy to Play

PrizePicks is a famous fantasy sports platform that is very simple and fast-paced that does not require a proper knowledge of any game or there is no need for additional long term commitment. Here players need to select from the two options available to them, based on the performance of the players in the NFL and NBA leagues. 

Players Get Cash Prizes

Players can earn cash rewards by playing in PrizePicks. This app allows players to transform their interest into real money. 

Low Entry Fees

The entry fees in PrizePicks is lower than other Fantasy Sports App that allows more users to compete on the site without investing much on the initial stage.

Personalized Chance to Pick Players

This site allows players to choose teams based on their previous performance, we allow players to make informed decisions, so they can get high chances to win some cash rewards. 

Steps to build an App Like PrizePicks?

Step of build App like Prizepick

There are various steps required for Daily Fantasy Sports App Development. Read further to know about the exact process of DFS App Development.

Plan Your Application Properly

Clearly define the goal and objectives of your daily fantasy sports application. Analyze the target audience, research about your competitors, and analyze the market demand. Moreover, research user preferences to understand their expectations.

Define the App’s Purpose

Now, after planning about your application you must determine the purpose of your application. Try to think about several questions like what problem does your application solve for the users? If your platform provides services for season-long leagues or daily fantasy sports? Think about these questions and how does your app differentiate from the existing platforms. 

Identifying the Target Audience

Conduct a market research to know about your target audience, and get a complete insight about the preferences of your target audience, their demographics and behavior.

Determining the Features and Functionalities

Now comes the most important step, where you need to decide on features and functionalities for your application, such as live score updates, social interaction, news updates, drafting teams, joining leagues, and many more. Moreover connect with a leading development company like Dqot Solutions to get advanced features like personalized notification and predictive analytics for player performance. 

Choosing the Right Platform

Based on the preferences of the users and the market research you have conducted. Then decide if you want to develop an application supporting Android or you want to build for both Android and iOS. Moreover, build it with the help of a single codebase for multiple platforms. 

develop fantasy app like prizepick

Designing the User Interface

Be very focused on this stage of development, and make sure that the UI of the application must be visually appealing for the users. Moreover, the interface of the application must be interactive and easily usable. To enhance the user experience you can use graphics related to the theme of your application to connect it with the user. 

Develop the App’s Architecture

To succeed in the booming fantasy sports market, you must create a scalable application. Take use of the cloud based storage system to manage and store the large amount of data from user profiles. 

Implementing the Features and Functionalities

Now, implement all the necessary features and functionalities to your application. Features of the application must be related to the latest updates in the market in fantasy sports to provide competitive and engaging experience to the users.

Through Testing of the Application

Once the development process of the application is completed, make sure your application must undergo the testing stage. Testing is compulsorily to ensure that the application is secure, stable, and has high performance. Additionally, your application must undergo both the manual and the automated testing. 

Launching the App to App Stores

Now comes the final stage where you can start preparing to launch your app into the Apple Stores and the Google Play store based on your selected platform of the application. 

Marketing and Maintenance

To attract a large user base on our sites or an application you must market your application. And you must also keep your application updates based on the current demand of the market. 

Final Words

The market of fantasy sports is booming in the US and other countries. If you also want to invest in this market think about daily fantasy sports app development to transform your ideas into reality. By integrating multiple innovative features in the application, cutting-edge technologies, and the monetization strategies you can create a platform that brings all the sports fans together in the market. Moreover, your foremost focus must be on the performance of the users. Connect with us right away and get your development project started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Daily Fantasy Sports App Like PrizePicks?

PrizePicks is a popular fantasy game platform in the US. It is a platform that allows players to create their own virtual teams and earn cash rewards based on the performance of the players. 

What Are The Essential Features To Build An App Like Prizepicks?

To build an app like PrizePicks it is necessary to have essential features like team creation, user registration, leaderboard ranking, live scoring , and many more.

What Technologies Are Used In Developing A Fantasy Sports App Like Prizepicks?

To develop a fantasy sports application you need technologies like server-side scripting (Python, Ruby) and you must utilize frameworks like Django, Rails or Ruby, for the real-time data integration you must use APIs.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Prizepicks?

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app like PrizePicks depends on its functionality, features, platform, area of development, and various other factors. To know about the accurate cost of development connect with the developers at Dqot Solutions.

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