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How to Make Real Estate Mobile App

Real Estate Mobile App Development: How To Make An App That Users Love

Every other person in today’s generation is looking for a property to live in, start a business, or some people might be in the real estate business. So, with this, the requirements for real estate applications have grown in recent times. These requirements have increased the use of user-friendly and convenient apps. Modern times have changed the way people buy and sell the property remotely without searching through the newspapers and magazines. 

Innovation in technology has shown a significant rise in the real estate market, as Morgan Stanley predicts that it will increase from $105 billion in 2015 to $462 billion by 2025. Here, we will briefly tell you about certain features and why people like to invest in the real-estate market.  

What is A Real Estate Mobile Application

Real estate mobile apps can be used by people to buy or sell real estate with the help of their mobile phones without moving from one place to another. These applications display details and pictures of many properties for sale or for rent. Homes can be identified by price, location, room size, and other factors. Maps are used to display locations in applications. Viewers can view homes in other cities and/or surrounding areas.

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With real estate apps, you can easily reach out directly to the person selling or renting the house to make an offer or ask questions. Users of the program can mark their favorite household items for later viewing. The app notifies users when new properties that meet their criteria are available. Real estate mobile apps generally provide a practical way to search, view and inquire about properties for sale or rent directly from your phone, instead of needing to physically visit each property.

Key Features Due to Which Users Love Real Estate App

Real Estate App Feature

The Real-Estate Tech Industry has gained an important popularity in the market in recent times. If you are planning to scale your application and to enhance the user experience, here are some features suitable for rental listing apps. 

User Friendly Design for Better Visibility

The interface of the real-estate mobile application must be user-friendly to improve the user experience and allow them to stay on the application for a longer time and make the purchase. The application must provide advanced search filters to the users to filter out the results based on their requirements.

High Quality Listings of Property

Listings in the real-estate applications must be comprehensive, clear, accurate and visually attractive to grab the user’s attention. While making real-estate apps includes detailed description of the property, high-resolution images, floor plans, provide virtual tours, and neighborhood information to make sure that the buyer has complete information of the property and the locality of each property. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Tours

Real estate mobile applications provide complete details and the overview of the property. With these applications users can look around the property online and access the full layout virtually. If a customer is planning on moving in, with the help of AR they can customize some elements in the apartment or property based on their requirements like wallpaper and furniture without moving from one place to another. 

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Personalized Recommendation Based on The User’s History

It is important to make use of the modern technologies like machine learning and big data to provide personalized property recommendations to the users based on their previous searches, their interest, preferences, and behavior. Personalized recommendation improves the user engagement on the application by presenting relevant listings to the customers based on their requirements and interest. 

Mortgage Calculator to Calculate Payments

This is the most important feature that allows people to calculate the monthly mortgage rate of the property they are interested in. This calculator allows people to check their affordability and other financial options available to purchase a property. Providing financial insights helps people to make the best decision based on their budget. 

Highly Secured Transactions

The transaction system provided by the real-estate mobile application should be secure, as it has some of the personalized data of the users. Prioritize the security of the user while purchasing, or selling property. Implement encryption, authentication, and secure payment gateways to instill trust and confidence among users.

How To Make Money With A Real Estate Mobile App

How to Make Money Real Estate app Development

The cost of real-estate mobile applications is affected by various factors like the complexity of the application, features, and many more. 

  • If you are looking to build a mobile app with various innovative features, like real-time notification, personalized notification, or virtual tours. The real estate app development cost of integrating these features is very high. 
  • If you want to make a hybrid application that works both on Android and iOS, then the cost of developing such an application is costly. 
  • Customized design of an application is also very expensive, as it requires the need of experience and the expert web designers of the field.
  • Everyone is looking for secure data, so this feature also adds up to an extra cost.
  • To ensure that the application is bug free it also requires an additional cost to be incurred. So, it’s better to spend a bit more in the beginning of the development stage to make sure that the application runs smoothly in the long run.
ServicesTime RequiredCost
UI/UX Design1 month$ 9,000
Frontend Development15 weeks$ 18,000
Backend Development15 weeks$ 22,000
Project ManagementDuring the whole development process$ 11,000

If you are planning to develop a real-estate application with a Dqot Solutions, it will cost you around $60,000. But the cost of an application may vary based on the requirement of the clients. 

Why People Like to Invest in The Real Estate Application

Developing a real-estate application can be beneficial both for the startups and the stable businesses. Here are some reasons why investing in real estate businesses is beneficial for the people.

Real Estate App Investment

Cover The Market Demand

Buying, renting and selling real estate are popular activities. The huge demand is partially met through real estate applications. Apps make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect and do business. Companies can cater to the market by developing a real estate app.

Stay Competitive with Other Real Estate Firms

There are other real estate companies that have apps. Your company needs an app to compete. The app makes it easy to find customers. Not having an app can put the business off for competitors who do. Software ensures competitiveness in the industry.

Take Advantage of The Large Cash Flow

When a property is bought or sold, a large amount of money is exchanged in the real estate industry. Companies that own apps can charge fees or commissions for services provided through the app to earn a portion of this huge amount of money.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence Technologies

New AI technologies have the potential to improve real estate management. The AI ​​is capable of providing virtual tours, making accurate price estimates and making intelligent property recommendations. The use of AI makes the app easy to use and innovative.

Go Beyond The Typical Models

Simple real estate applications show nothing but lists. More capabilities, such as asset management, legal/loan assistance, and investment tracking, are available in advanced apps. The app stands out by offering special real estate app features that go beyond the usual.

Wrapping Up

Real estate market has been very competitive in recent times, so if you are planning to develop a real estate app, do it right away. 

Planning to develop a real app, monetize your real estate app with different methods like premium and ad subscription. Don’t forget to start off with a minimum viable product, to test the demand of the real estate application you are planning to develop. 

Connect with us if you want to develop a real estate application. We will calculate the relevant price to develop your product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know Before Starting Real Estate App Development?

Before starting the development process of the real-estate application, you must thoroughly research about the market competitors and the features in need to incorporate in the application to deliver something new to the people. Moreover, make sure about the process of showcasing all the listings to the users to gain their trust on the application.

What Expenses Are Involved in The Development Of A Real Estate App?

It’s hard to tell the accurate amount of expenses involved in the development of a real estate app. The cost of development depends on a variety of factors like the features, area of development, experience of the development team, and the technologies that are being used in the development of an application. 

What Are The Main Reasons for Building A Real Estate Mobile App?

Due to the increase in the number of mobile users it is convenient to develop real estate mobile applications to enable the high customer engagement and conversion, better property viewing experience, greater audience reach, and ability to use modern tech stack.

What Are The Core Features of A Real Estate Mobile App?

There are various features that needs to be included in the real estate mobile application to enhance user experience, but here are some ore features like Onboarding, registration, Personal Profiles, Listing, Search and filters, Property Pages, Favorites, Calendar, Requests, Maps, Notifications, and Property Value Estimator. 

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