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Turn Your Passion Into Profit – Launch a Fantasy Sports App to Showcase Your Brand With Star Cricketers

In recent times, steady growth in the fantasy sports industry has been encountered, fuelled by the love for cricket India possesses. The passion for Indian cricket in the nation has propelled the fantasy sports industry to expand into Indian sports entertainment.

 In this digitally revolutionised era, fantasy sports apps have become lively spaces where fans can compete and interact while also completely submerging themselves in the passion of cricket. In this blog, we will explore how a person can be successful in the business endeavour with the help of their love of cricket and we will also analyse the journey of transformation.

The statement highlights the significant financial potential in the fantasy sports industry and the significant impact that sports branding through celebrity endorsements of cricket players has had on the development of the sector. Come along for this investigation into the fascinating confluence of enthusiasm, business, and the fantasy sports industry.

Understanding Fantasy Sports and Its Market in India

Fantasy Sports is an online platform for cricket enthusiasts’ people. Online fantasy sports gaming is a skilled-based online sport played over the internet and virtual teams are being created to play the sport. By choosing real players and achieving points based on their on-field achievements, fantasy sports enthusiasts can assemble their ideal teams. 

Millions of people are drawn to the immersive experience, which makes it an exciting and quickly expanding industry. With a notable rise in user engagement and revenue, the fantasy sports app development in India has seen exponential growth. Reaching out to this market as a prospective business owner could result in sizable earnings. 

It is essential to comprehend the legal system. Now, fantasy cricket is allowed in India, which is good for business owners. Adherence to regulations guarantees a solid base for your business.

The Power of Star Endorsements

The influence of cricketers endorsing products is enormous; players such as KL Rahul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and others have loyal fan bases. Setting your fantasy sports app in line with these cricketing icons will increase brand awareness and speed up user acquisition. Increased trust results from the emotional bond fans have with their favourite players, which enhances the app’s appeal and creates a devoted user base.

Gamezy Endorsed by – KL Rahul Fantasy App

Gamezy started its operation in the year 2017 and it is one of the leading companies in Bangalore. Gamezy has launched a new IPL campaign featuring its brand ambassador KL Rahul Play Fantasy Cricket Hatke.” The new series of Gamezy advertisements, conceptualised by Aagey Se Right, will run across live broadcasts of cricket matches on Star Sports.

PlayerzPot Brand Ambassador – Bhuvneshwar Kumar Fantasy App

PlayerzPot was founded in the year 2015 and since 2022 Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the brand ambassador of playerzPot.

My Team11 Endorsed by – Virender Sehwag Fantasy App 

My team 11 was founded by Mr. Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Godara. My team11 signed a brand ambassador with Virender Sehwag in the year 2020 and then they launched a new campaign named “India Ki Apni Fantasy App”.

sehwag fantasy app

FreeHit’s Brand Ambassador – Surya Kumar Yadav Fantasy App

FreeHit Fantasy was launched by Ramana kovelamudi in the year 2007. A famous cricketer Surya Kumar  Yadav has been the brand ambassador of Free Hit Fantasy since 2021. He will be the face of the app and promote it on various platforms.

MyFab11 Fantasy Endorsed by – Sanju Samson Fantasy App

MyFab 11 was founded in the year 2018. They offer sports game formats for cricket, football games, and among others. Sanju Samson has been a brand ambassador since 2020 and he is advertising for MyFab11 to increase the human traffic on the app. MyFab11 has launched a promotion in which a few lucky winners will get a chance to meet the famous cricketer Sanju Samson.

Sanju samson fantasy app

LevelUp11 Brand Ambassador – Rashid Khan Fantasy App 

Founded in 2019, LevelUp11 offers cutting-edge game formats for sports like football, cricket, and more. The app has become extremely popular by embracing the fantasy sports culture. Since 2021, Afghan cricket superstar Rashid Khan has served as LevelUp11’s renowned brand ambassador, greatly enhancing the app’s increasing user base. To boost app engagement, the platform launched an exciting promotion that gives a select few users the chance to meet cricket maestro Rashid Khan.

Dream11 Endorsed by – Rishabh Pant Fantasy App

Dream11 is a dynamic fantasy sports app that was released in 2008 and offers football, cricket, and other sports. As the face of Gamezy since 2021, cricket superstar Rishabh Pant has given the platform more celebrity influence. Sign up with Dream11 right now to interact with cricket sensation Rishabh Pant and enjoy exhilarating sports experiences.

Rishab Pant Fabtasy App

Afaqs Endorsed by – Rohit Sharma Fantasy App

Introduced in 2021, Afaqs is a state-of-the-art fantasy sports app with game formats for football and cricket. The app’s ambassador since 2022, renowned cricketer Rohit Sharma, improves the gaming experience. Explore Afaqs’ fantasy sports universe for thrilling games and an opportunity to interact with cricket legend Rohit Sharma.

Zartek Technologies Brand Ambassador – Hardik Pandya Fantasy App 

In 2020, Zartek Technologies will launch a groundbreaking fantasy sports app that will provide a variety of football, cricket, and other gaming experiences. Hardik Pandya, the charming cricket player who has represented Zartek since 2021, adds to the platform’s attraction. Join the exciting Hardik Pandya in competitive fantasy sports games on the Zartek app, and feel the thrill of victory.

MPL Endorsed by – Virat Kohli Fantasy App

MPL was launched in the year 2018, it is an innovative fantasy sports app with an exciting platform for football, cricket, and other sports. The King of Cricket, Virat Kohli has been the brand ambassador of MPL since 2019. Take advantage of Virat Kohli’s charisma and immerse yourself in the thrill of fantasy sports on the MPL.

Virat Kohli Fantasy App

Dream Sports brand Ambassador – MS Dhoni Fantasy App

Dream Sports is a visionary sports app that was founded in the year 2017, providing immersive football, cricket, and other sports. MS Dhoni, a retired player of the Indian cricket team, has been the brand ambassador of Dream Sports since 2018, adding to the platform’s appeal. Play exciting fantasy sports with the legendary MS Dhoni on the Dream Sports app,  and feel his game-changing energy.

dhoni fantasy app

First Games Endorsed by – Sachin Tendulkar Fantasy App

Entertaining cricket, football, and other games is provided by First Games, a revolutionary fantasy sports app that was founded in 2019. The app’s ambassador since 2020, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, personifies the drive for greatness. Experience an unmatched gaming experience by delving into the realm of fantasy sports on First Games, where you will be guided by cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar Fantasy App

My11 Circle Brand Ambassador – Sourav Ganguly Fantasy App 

Introduced in 2019, My11 Circle is a groundbreaking fantasy sports app with exciting football, cricket, and other games. The platform benefits from the winning touch of cricket legend Sourav Ganguly, who has been an esteemed ambassador since 2020. Experience an unparalleled gaming experience by immersing yourself in the thrill of fantasy sports on My11 Circle, under the guidance of Sourav Ganguly.

Developing Your Fantasy Sports App

In this digital pron, world fantasy sports apps have become an interactive and virtual space for passionate people. Further, this blog will take you to various features that need to be fulfilled while developing a fantasy sports app.

Developing Fantasy App

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of the app needs to be attractive to improve the experience of the user and the navigational process of the app needs to be easier so that users do not face difficulty for seamless interaction with the app.

Real-Time Updates

Fantasy apps must give the on-time notification to the users, as users must get live scores and real-time match statistics. The app must also provide instant notification for the events and about the player’s performance as well.

Scalable Infrastructure

During peak times, they need to implement a scalable backend infrastructure to handle increasing user loads. There needs to be an efficient server infrastructure to ensure the smooth functioning of the apps during the live matches.

Data Security

Sports tech start-ups must ensure the security of the confidential data of the users to maintain authenticity and integrity. Compliance with data protection regulations with user privacy.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Develop a fantasy sports app that is compatible with the use of various devices and operating systems. By maintaining the compatibility of the apps the Cricket fan engagement may also be enhanced which leads to fantasy league profit. The design needs to be responsive for optimal performance on both mobile and web platforms.

Personalised Player Interaction

Personalised messages or video content by the athlete brand ambassadors need to be featured according to the interest of the user. To enhance user-connection, exclusive in-app interaction is prominent.

Branding and Marketing Your App

Below are the branding and marketing tactics for your app has been given:

branding marketing app

Sports Branding Strategies

Align your brand with the ideals of the sports community to create a distinctive identity. Create a memorable logo, catchphrase, and eye-catching visuals that appeal to users. In the cutthroat fantasy sports industry, a consistent brand identity across platforms promotes brand recall and leaves a lasting impact.

Leveraging Social-media and Partnerships

Use social media’s enormous reach to establish a connection with many people. Work together to create promotional posts, in-person conversations, and unique content with cricket players. By leveraging the devoted fan base of the influencers to increase brand credibility and engagement, strategic partnerships increase brand exposure. You can use star cricketers like KL Rahul Fantasy App, and many more.

SEO Tactics and Content Creation

Use SEO strategies to maximize your app’s online visibility. Use the names of well-known cricket players as keywords in your content creation. Improve search engine rankings by producing interesting content that focuses on cricket. Maintaining visibility through regular content creation draws in users looking for fantasy sports apps related to cricket and boosts organic traffic.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Arrange interactive initiatives to build a sense of community. To foster a lively online community, promote user-generated content like fantasy team showcases and match predictions. In addition to increasing brand loyalty, interactive conversations and competitions help your app become more widely known through natural word-of-mouth marketing.

Monetizing Your Fantasy Sports App

Monetization Models

There are various monetization models continue to read this blog you will get an insight of the monetization models:

monetizing fantasy app

In-App Purchase

Various features of online purchasing must be available in the app like offering virtual goods and power-ups. Allow users to enhance their experience by making personalised upgrades in the apps.


Advertisements are the way to generate revenue by integrating strategic ad placements. Offer various ad formats such as banners, and sponsored content, without compromising the experience of the users.

Premium Features

In the fantasy sports app, you can provide the basic features free of cost and for the premium features, you should take a subscription fee. Offer exclusive content and advanced analytics to the premium subscriptions.

Sustainable revenue Stream

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans must be offered with advanced technologies and the pricing of the subscription must also adhere to the features inculcated in the premium.

Strategic partnerships

Start collaborating with sports brands, merchandise sellers, or streaming services for mutual promotional activities. Use partnerships to increase user engagement and reveal new and exciting offers for the app users to attract more people.

Data-Analytics Services

Provide performance insights and in-depth analysis to the premium users to get more in-depth knowledge about the game. Monetize data-driven insights and trends for users seeking a competitive edge in fantasy sports.

Engaging Your Audience

For the fantasy sports developers, the admin needs to keep the user’s needs in the platform. There are various techniques for this. The user engagement is like applications such as the Virat Kohli Fantasy App.

Engage Your Audience Fantasy App

Cricket Fan Engagement Techniques

During games, use live chat tools to let users talk about tactics and gameplay. To increase user engagement and enjoyment, include interactive polls, quizzes, and challenges associated with ongoing matches.

Creating a community

Create discussion boards or other social areas on the app where users can interact, exchange stories, and talk about fantasy cricket. Promote user-generated content to build a sense of community, such as team showcases and match predictions.

Using the Influence of Cricketers

Arrange virtual or invitation-only events or competitions with cricketers. To increase user retention and loyalty, leverage their influence by implementing personalised interactions, autographed merchandise giveaways, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Final Words

To conclude, the convergence of the growing fantasy sports industry and the love of cricket, as demonstrated by applications such as the Rishabh Pant Fantasy App, offers a strong commercial prospect. Fantasy sports apps have a bright future in India, so entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and profit from celebrity endorsements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular form of fantasy sports?

According to a survey in 2022, the most popular fantasy sports globally is football and fantasy cricket.

What is the size of the fantasy sports market in India?

The size of fantasy sports of India was estimated to be USD 25.44 billion in 2022 and it is expected that it will reach around USD 70.06 billion in the year 2030.

Is fantasy cricket legal in India?

Yes, fantasy sport is a legalized business in India.

Who is the brand ambassador of Dream11?

Kartik Aryan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu are the new brand ambassador of Dream11 

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