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Fantasy App Like Dream11

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Dream11?

Fantasy sports have gained popularity across the globe whether it’s cricket, football, or baseball. Many sports enthusiasts are working on building a fantasy sports app like Dream11, as they provide a unique digitized form of entertainment to the people. The cost of developing an app like Dream 11 may vary due to various factors. In this blog, you will get to know about the cost of developing an app like Dream11. Before we go deep into the blog, let’s understand what fantasy sports is.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is a virtual platform for sports enthusiasts where users can host real players in a virtual team. The performance of the players in the fantasy sport depends on their real-time performance. It is an online platform that has fuelled the gaming industry. With this platform, the excitement and engagement of game enthusiasts’ people have been boosted towards their favourite games by participating in live matches. They can even earn in return for the game in terms of winning prizes and rewards.

What is the Dream11 App?

Dream 11 is one of the legal fantasy gaming apps and betting platforms that provides legal cash prizes to users. Supporting 20 million users, Dream 11 app has grown fast, from different types of fantasy sports betting apps. Dream 11 is the first Indian gaming app service and start-up.

How to Make an App Like Dream11?

Various essential components need to be incorporated into the fantasy sports app development to make a successful gaming app.

Here are a few, essential components given below that need to be considered while developing a fantasy sports app.

To develop an app like Dream 11 the foremost thing is thorough market research to understand legal requirements and user preferences. Provide an intuitive user interface that enables users to form virtual sports teams, participate in competitions, and monitor score updates in real-time. Integrate strong data analytics for game insights and secure payment gateways for cash transactions. To achieve peak performance and user satisfaction, conduct thorough testing, collect feedback, and iterate continuously.

Dream11 App Features

There are various basic features of the Dream 11 app like the registration process, creating a team, and more read below to learn about them:

Dream 11 App Features


Once an app is installed users can sign up for the app by filling in the basic details like phone number, email ID, or referral code if available.

Player Stats

This section shows each player’s past performance. This section is useful in selecting a team for the tournament.


This is the dashboard of the user where all the details regarding new offers, gameplay, and rewards are represented.

Join Tournaments

This section allows users to join a league or tournament and further they can create their virtual team.

Select Tournaments

Based on the user’s interest in the game they can select any tournament.

Create a Team

Create your fantasy sports team by selecting players based on their performance, skills, and points.

Cost of Developing The Best Alternative to Dream11

To develop an app like Dream 11 a high set of skills and experience is required. While building an app developers consider various aspects given below:

Cost of developing alternative dream11

App Platform

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app depends on the app platform like Android, iOS, and Windows.

App Design

For an app like Dream 11 developing an attractive UI/UX design is very crucial as it makes the users download the application.

App Size

App Size refers to the total number of functionalities and features an app holds.

App Developers

The cost of developing a Dream11 application depends from developer to developer. The team of DQOT Solutions keenly focused on developing an app like Dream 11 and ensures app development at a minimal cost without compromising quality.

The cost of app development may vary based on platforms, features, and functionalities. The average cost of developing an app like Dream 11 is around $20,000 to $10,000.

Wrapping Up

If you are a cricket enthusiast thinking about developing an app like Dream 11. But you’re not sure about investing a lot of money in this platform. So, let me tell you that Dream11 app revenue is accounted to be $142.85 crore. So, you should also take one step ahead and launch your own fantasy sports app with us. Take the benefits of millions of sports fans in our country and be a titleholder in this cricket season. Connect with us now to get services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Fantasy App Like Dream11?

A fantasy app like Dream 11 is a virtual platform that allows users to play a virtual cricket game. This platform allows users to create a virtual team of real players.

How Does a Fantasy Cricket App Like Dream11 Work?

Various steps need to be followed:
·  Choose a sport.
·  Create your team.
·  Determine the Captaincy
·  Create multiple teams.
·  Handling the team
·  Rewards

What is the Reason for the Hype of Dream11

The reason for the hype of Dream 11 is its innovative fantasy sports platform, which allows users to engage in virtual team management, the potential to win cash prizes, and real-time game analysis charming sports enthusiasts.

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